Match Report – Lanark v Bishopton 23/09/2017

Lanark – 0

Bishopton – 45

Tries; Ruari Taylor (2), Ruaridh Catto, Ross McGowan, Kyle Haldane, Alistair Doak, Iain Kerr

Conversion; Max Catto (5)

Penalty;  –

Bishopton were looking to keep their winning form on the road and make it 4 wins from 4 games and all that was between them and this feat was a short trip to Lanark. This week again there were some slight changes to the team that won against Moffat with people not being able to make the away trip.

Bishopton started on the back foot after starting the match by putting the ball into Lanark’s half were required to soak up some pressure in their own half before being able to gain some ground back before Lanark were able to regain the ball. Sending the ball high towards the back of the Bish end of the pitch, where Fullback Peter Rainey was waiting and was able to collect the ball seamlessly and move straight to the attack. Making his way from 22 to 22 and finding gaps in the Lanark defence before being brought down in the 22. Where he was able to get the pass off to Ruari Taylor who was hot on his heels and was able to run in with the ball to score the try. The extras were added making it 0-7 to the visiting Bish team.

Following the restart Bish were able to gain the scrum advantage just inside the Lanark half, once again Scrum Half Taylor was in sniper mode as he was able to collect the ball from the back of the scrum and get around the blind side and work himself halfway up the wing before being pushed out the pitch. From the resulting lineout Bish were able to steal the Lanark put in that was wayward and ship the ball to the opposite wing upon reaching the other side the ball reached Ross McGowan who made the dart for the corner. Leaping for the line and touching the ball down, once up to celebrate the referee give the decision for no try and pulled the play back to the other side of the pitch for an advantage that he had given at the original line out. Bish choose to retake the lineout that had been working so well for them. In a matter of two passes from the lineout the ball was met by Ruaridh Catto who was able power through the defence by picking a clean line to run at and being able to slide in for the Try. Unfortunate the kick was not to be and this left Bish 0-12.

From the restart Bish were off to the races again, quickly picking up the scrum on the 10m. From the scrum Bish were quickly put on the back foot by the much larger Lanark pack. Taylor was able to quickly pull the ball out and set off only to stumble from his heel being caught but managed to stay on his feet. In doing so he was able to start off towards the try line and was able to dance his way around the entire Lanark midfield before walking under the post for the try. Catto converted and took the score to 0-19.

For the remaining 15 minutes of the first half Lanark were looking like a team that had found their place in the match. Forcing Bish back into their own half with some well-placed kicks and being quick up on the ball in order to stop the territory being retaken. Form there they were building phase after phase but the Bish defence was resolute and determined not to let anything through. After being pushed back some the Lanark midfield looked to have spotted a gap in the back and attempted to chip over the top only for Taylor to be there and take the mark. From the tap the ball was kicked out for half time.

Bishopton came out the gates furiously in the second half after spending the time before the break with their backs against t the wall. Taking the ball on a flurry of attacks down the right wing before running out of room, at which point the traffic was pointed in the opposite direction and went through the hands where McGowan was waiting in the centre. This time there was no doubt about his try as after he was able to hand off his opposite number the path was clear for him to side under the posts for the bonus try. Catto was able to add the extras. 0-26.

From the Kick, off a stroke of bad luck hit bishopton as Centre Ruaridh Catto set off once again on what looked like it could have been another drive for the try line only for him to be cut down. And taking an unfortunate landing on his shoulder only for it to result in a suspected dislocation and a trip to the hospital. Off the back of this Bish received a freekick and the tap was taken quickly, and went through two sets of hands before reaching Lock Kyle Haldane who was able to find a large gap and stride over for the try. Catto added the conversion and this took the score to 0-33.
Once more from the restart bishopton were straight back into Lanark territory picking up scrums as they went. Eventually winning themselves a penalty just outside of the 5m. where once again the option to take the quick tap by Taylor and offload to Prop Alistair Doak who Crashed over from close range to open his account for the season. But due to going over on the cusp of the pitch the conversion attempt was just too far out for Catto to successfully slot. 0-38.

From here on out Bishopton went to the bench to bring on the fresh legs to stretch the tired Lanark defence. With the change though came a period of settling in that Lanark look to take advantage of this. They were able to push bishopton back onto their own try line, and it was Ryan Moore who came to the rescue as he latched on to a loose ball at the ruck and was able to fend off two players before making it to safety and being able to pop the ball of too debutant Winger Iain Kerr. Who was able to turn on the after burner and make some good distance before a Lanark defender came across the pitch and was able to push him out of play.

From the resulting line, out Bish were again pushed deep by a long defensive kick that was caught by club Vice Captain Stephen Hogan who was making his first appearance of the season, having only gotten off the plane from Thailand 3 hours before hand. However, he showed no signs of jet lad as he was able to make it to within 5m of the half way line and sucked in two defenders before being able to offload the ball to Kerr who had already shown that he has pace to go the length. Which is exactly what he did on receiving the ball, kicking in the after burners he was able to reach the 22 before it looked like he would be stopped by a Lanark defender. Kerr though had other ideas as he went through him as though he wasn’t even there, before sprinting to the line and touching down to give himself a 1 from 1 record. The conversion was sunk taking the score to 0-45.

Bishopton did not seem to be done here though as last week’s debutant Prop Jack Burns made the break through the middle of the pitch towards the post but was stopped the recycled pass out to McGowan on the wing was caught awkwardly against his knee but with Spiderman like grip he was able to recover it and dot it down once more! Alas the referee blew as he placed it safely down and indicated that the pass had been forward. The resulting scrum was passed back and kicked to touch to close the game by Lanark rather than risk more points being added to the tally that Bishopton had managed to run up so far.

The Man of the Match on the day was someone that could have taken it in either of his two previous games in Scrum Half Ruari Taylor, by taking his Try tally to 7 in three games and again being the man with the quickest reactions on the park to read the game.

This win took Bishopton back to the top of the league and siting themselves on top with a healthy point scored difference of 20 by being able to keep a clean sheet in the match. Next up we have a break away from the league when we will be taking on Shawlands in the Bowl competition on the 30/09/17 away from home at Cartha Rugby Club.