The smiles say it all!!

Well done to Rory and Callum. Bishopton RFC’s first ever representative players.
They played for Glasgow U16s on Sunday 31st July, 2016, against Caledonia U16s. To top it all, Glasgow won 25-16 in a thrilling match. Next match is in Cumbernauld against Edinburgh, Sunday 7th August, both are selected.

Calum and Rory will be playing for Glasgow U16’s against the Borders U16’s on Sunday 14th August. They are playing them at Aberdeen (yeah no typo) with kick off at 3pm. Good luck to them both and Glasgow.

They are our first two representative players. We had 3 other players in the Glasgow Selection process this year. Zak Thompson narrowly missed out, by getting to the penultimate stage after 18 hrs of selection training. Our other two missed out earlier in the process after attending 6 hrs of selection training. SRU Selectors commented that Bishopton we represented by a very strong group of players.

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