Substitute Sponsors

Glenmoss Landscapes – Substitute jacket Sponsor

This season we have our substitutes will no longer be required to stand at a cold side of a pitch with a shiver running down their backs. Glenmoss Landscapes have been over the last year helped with the up keep of Holmpark and the areas around the dressing rooms by lending equipment in order to keep the areas looking tidy and accessible from the wilderness that sprouts up in these areas. 

We could not keep these areas in such good conditions without the help from them and would highly recommend them for the work and service that they have provided to us. If you are in need of any out door work along the lines of Hard & Soft Landscaping, Design, Features, Dry Stone Walling, Tree Surgery, Garden Maintenance, Invasive Weed Specialists, Clearance then head over to their website and reach out to them and they will be sure to help.