Royal Bank RugbyForce Day 12th August

With the start of the season upon us and pre season training in full swing, it is now time to look towards ensuring the facilities that we have at the club are up to scratch and standard to be used through out the course of the next year for all sections of the club. In doing this we will be taking part in the 10th annual Royal Bank of Scotland RugbyForce Day, where the SRU encourage the clubs across Scotland to get all the odd jobs and of course the much bigger jobs completed. With this the SRU help support the clubs by supplying funding and in some cases a Full Scotland International player to come a long and help out with the heavy lifting.

This year Bishopton have been lucky enough to receive both of these incentives to help us on the day. But along with the great benefits form the SRU we are still in need of as many hands that we can get down as possible and also a few other things that will help us achieve some of the larger project goals that we have planned for the day.

The ask that we are looking for is that anyone that has any materials that they are no longer likely to use and are able to donate them to the club to help with several of these project that we are looking to get underway they would be greatly appreciated. Anything from electrical fittings to paint and wood and everything in between that may be lying around in the back of your garage that you think could be of use to us.

Also if there are any trades people that would like to get involved and donate some of their time on the day to the cause to be sure that we are meeting all safety standards for the installation of our works that would also be greatly appreciated.

If you can help in these matters or if you are interested in just coming along and giving us a hand on the day contact us via the button above or reach out to us on all of our social media platforms for more details.