PasSport Programme

Renfrewshire Council has been awarded a grant from the Lottery ‘Celebrate It’ programme. As part of Renfrewshire’s Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme, PasSPORT will run to help raise awareness of clubs and sport, and encourage more children and young people to become more active. It is hoped that every child will try out as many of the 17 sports and 5 para-sports of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. By presenting their PasSPORT at the training/participation session their attendance will be credited and medals and prizes can be won.

Every child in P5-P7 has been issued with a PasSPORT and a parental letter. The idea is that children will try out as many sports as possible by attending a training or participation session. At the end of the session the child should get their PasSPORT signed by the coach. The more sessions that are signed off the more points are awarded to each child. When 25 points have been reached a bronze medal will be presented; 60 points equates to a silver medal and 120 points equates to gold. There will also be prizes awarded to pupils when they win a medal.

What counts towards medals?

We are focusing on only the sports of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Each sport and para-sport has its own page within the PasSPORT. When you attend a session in any of these sports you should get your PasSPORT signed. Points can be accrued across a variety of sports or one chosen sports. That choice is up to the individual.

What sessions can be counted?

Only sessions that are attended outside of school and the afterschool programmes are being used. This means that attendance at all after school, community and relevant sports clubs can count towards your points. Some community clubs may be provided by Renfrewshire Council Active Schools Coordinators and Sports Development Coordinators. Lunchtime clubs and anything after 3pm at an after school club or other venue can be counted. All attendances at a recognised sports club in the evenings and at weekends will also count. Attendance at match fixtures, competitions and championships can also be counted.

How do I know which clubs are involved?

All the local sports clubs that we are already working in partnership with have been informed of this programme. We do not have links with clubs in every sport but as long as you register that club with your check-in details we can contact them and ask for their cooperation in the programme.

The PasSPORT a programme to raise awareness of clubs and sport, and encourage more children and young people to become more active
clubs that we currently have involved in the programme are members of the Community Sport Hub intitiative within Renfrewshire Council. A number of them currently work in schools to assist with the delivery of school sports programmes through Active Schools.

Bishopton Rugby Club is proud to be part of the PasSport programme and a full list of participating clubs can be found at the back of the PasSPORT. This list is not exhaustive and if there is a club which a child attends not included in the list then it can be added. The club list is for information only and it is at the parent’s discretion if their child should attend. Renfrewshire Council cannot accept responsibility for your child choosing to attend a club.

Register your child by visiting

Who can I contact to find out more?

You can contact Youth & Sport Services on 0141 889 1110