Match Report – Paisley RFC v Bishopton RFC 05/01/2019

Paisley – 14

 Bishopton – 7


Tries; Ruaridh Catto

Conversion; Max Catto




After closing down 2018 with a lot of weather warnings and some poor performances The Bish were looking to get 2019 off to a better start. This meant a quick trip to the other side of Renfrewshire to take on Paisley Rugby Club in the second leg of the Refrewshire Derby of the season with Bish having taken the 1st 15-8.

There were many changes to the squad with several players returning and a few stepping out for this one but as it has always been this season a full strong squad of 22 ready to take on the challenge placed before them.

2019 got off to a quick start unfortunately it was not to be Bish making the dart out the blocks. Paisley put the ball up high from the start and the ball was knocked on straight from the off, the resulting scrum stood to show that the Bish were not yet in gear. As both scrums were set for the day with neither gaining much more that an give and take through out the game, the Paisley Scrum half was able to easily build off such a solid base and work the ball out to his backs. Several quick passes and a dunk over the tackle pass soon reached the winger that had managed to isolate himself out wide, cutting a hard line back in from touch to flop on top of the last-ditch tackler going over the line for the score. The conversion from out wide had other ideas than giving the extra points and faltered at the last minute leaving the hosts 5-0 ahead in the first two minutes.

From here Bish seemed to have been woken up to find their feet with the majority of the next twenty minutes being played back and forth with neither team really looking to threaten and the ball staying between both teams 22’s. But it was The Bish that got the first bit of luck in this period. When the ball popped lose and Winger Ruaridh Catto was able to gather the ball in a single swoop, from here no further skill was need only clean running and precision passing. Catto made swift yards down the wing and soon looked to be brought to a hard stop only to have Ross McGowan fly up his inside shoulder from deep to take the pass on and break the line past the last defender. The defender however was able to slow McGowan down by holding on to his shirt but such was his determination the man came with him for several yards before Catto emerged on the outside to take the ball back and swing round and dot down for the score. Max Catto then stepped up and slotted the conversion to put the visitors ahead. 5-7 Bishopton.

Catto dots down

After the try Bish looked to have finally found gear and stepped up the attack prowess but the well drilled Paisley team were able to stand fast. For the remainder of the half neither team got close to the others try line. Ruari Taylor looked closest to the do so when he latched on to a pass and found a gap in the defence making good yards before being brought down and knocking on in the process. The Scrum once again proved stable for both sides and Paisley were able to clear their lines and then take advantage of the loose throw at the line out to win the ball back. From here the game slipped into half time seeing the Bish ahead by 2 points. 5-7.

The Bish defence was well tested

The second half got off to a rocky start when Bish conceded an unnecessary penalty with the tackler not releasing the ball. A long way out Paisley opted to take the points in the, this time the kick was successful edging Paisley back in front. 8-7 Paisley.  Bishopton however took the play straight back to Paisley keeping the hosts pinned back, but Paisley took full advantage of the foray into the Bishopton half and they were given a penalty for a clear out from the side, again they opted to kick this one as on the day neither side looked be breaking the iron cast defences that were both in place. The Kick was good and Paisley extended their lead once more 11-7. This pattern looked to repeat its self once more as Paisley once again slowly worked back into the Bish half and gained another penalty – though in a similar position to the first the kick was wild and not set to go over however the returning Bishopton ball was held onto in the tackle and Paisley were given another bite at the cherry closer in to the post and no mistakes were made this time. The kick was straight down the middle. 14-7 Paisley.

With 15 minutes left and Paisley only a score ahead Bish looked determined to stay in this game and conceding a third easy penalty seemed to jump start the fire in the team again as they started a barrage on the Paisley defensive line. But the Paisley men absorbed everything throw at them. There looked to be a moment to celebrate when Bish worked the ball wide and the first phase was taken down but Ruari Taylor was able to go from the back of the ruck created, making a B line for the corner the Bish man looked to have scored being over the line, but the ruling was a foot in touch when he had entered the dead ball area bring paisley back out for a 22 drop out. The ball went straight back to Bish hands and the barrage continued, after conceding several penalties on the try line Paisley saw a man head to the sin bin and would see out the last minutes a man down. The Bish just could not find a way through the wall for a second time and Paisley were able to run the ball over and kick it out to bring the match to a close.

Bish put the pressure on

The Full-time score saw the Paisley team take the honours in the second leg of the Renfrewshire Derby 14-7. This brought the aggregate of both legs this season to 22-22 which means that the next meeting of the two sides is due to bring fireworks.

The Pride of the Clyde Man of the Match was Ruari Taylor for his driving efforts once again and the Leaps and Bounds Glue Player was Kyle Haldane for his marshalling of the forwards and lineouts.


Bishopton return home this weekend with a home game against Strathaven with a 2pm kick-off at Holmpark so be sure to get along and cheer the team on.