Match Report – Bishopton v Moffat 16/09/2017

Bishopton – 41

Tries; Ruari Taylor (3), Kyle Haldane (2), Ali Peterson, Ryan Moore

Conversion; Max Catto (3)

Penalty;  –

Moffat – 15

Bishopton were looking to keep the winning run alive as they came into this match having won two from two in the run up to the game against Moffat. Stating a team that was not far from different from that against the win over Lochaber with Prop Chris Dunn and Captain and Lock Bruce Abernethy coming in from the start.

Catto slots his first conversion of the day

Bishopton got the game under way and instantly started to put pressure on the Moffat, after holding off Moffat’s scrum on the halfway line Bish were able to withstand the early pressure and win the ball back. Having worked back into the opposition 22 with a long kick to the backs and forcing a knock on. From the resulting scrum Bish where able to take early advantage of a sleeping Moffat defence, building from a stable scrum. Scrum half Ruari Taylor was able pick the ball from the bottom of the scrum and spun into action and was able to avoid the entire Moffat defence and dash over the line to open the scoring. This left an easy conversion from straight in front of the post that Catto was able to convert. 7-0 to Bish.

Haldane crosses the line for his first try of the day

Bishopton reacted strongly from the Moffat restart with Fullback Ali Peterson collecting the high ball and running it back up the pitch making ground back into the opposition half. Upon Moffat regaining the ball within their 5 and kicking to touch with the resulting Bish lineout going squint resulting in a Moffat scrum. From the scrum, there was some clear miscommunication between the half back pairing, as the pass from the back of the scrum went straight to touch. Moffat were then able to gain back some composure in order to work back some territory of their own, gaining the scrum on their own 10-meter line. From the resulting scrum Bish were able to go against the head and steal the ball with the balls making its way out to the Bish midfield where Ruaridh Catto picked up the ball and made a strong carry bustling his way up the pitch.  A strong tackle brought Catto to the deck but with strong support runs from Taylor and Kyle Haldane meant that the options were available, the first went to Taylor who in turn was able to pop to Haldane who was able to dive over the whitewash in order to put Bish further ahead. Again, the extras were added – 14-0 to Bishopton.

From the kick-off Moffat were able to gather some momentum and territory as they were able to gain a penalty in front of the post opting to kick the points and make some ground back on the scoreboard 14-3.

Upon regaining the ball from the kick-off both Moffat and Bish took part in an exchange of possession for a period of time before any further threats to either try line was made. But when it was it was Bishopton who once again made the threat in what was the most curious attack to watch of the day.  The high ball was put in to the Bishopton backs where Fullback Peterson was able to collect the ball and make the distance back up the pitch before looking to run out of space on the wing he put the chip in over the top, but it looked to be an unfortunate chip as it came off the Moffat player. But in a stroke of luck it came back into Petersons hands and he was able to pass the ball to Haldane who once again was running the support line just where it needed to be. Allowing him to walk in for his second try of the afternoon. The conversion went wide 19-3.

Before the second half came to a close Bishopton had one trick left up their sleeve as Hooker Fraser Williamson was able to quick wittedly judge the Moffat line out and make the interception between the jumper and Scrum Half. Taking the ball into contact Scrum Half Taylor once again picked from the back of the scrum and threw the dummy pass before once again working his way to the Try line. With this fantastic try started by Williamson Bishopton were able to secure the try bonus point. Making the score 26-3 and halftime was reached.

Moore rampaging with the ball in hand

The 2nd half started strong for Bish as Prop Boab Moore received the ball went full rampaging bull as he was able to shrug defenders off left, right and centre before finally being brought to deck. From the resulting ruck Chris Lee was looking to run the dummy line and received the ball, with the resulting ruck the ball was played through all the hand in the back-reaching Ali Peterson to cross the line in the corner to take the score to 31-3.

Moffat then went on the counter from the restart and made the charge on the Bishopton try line, where they were able to find a mismatch in the defence being able to send a prop up against a halfback and piling over for the score making it 31-10.

Bishopton started to build the phases up and work towards the Moffat try line once again, in a series of phases where the pressure was being put on and being 5 m out the penalty was given to bishopton. The quick tap was opted for by Catto who was able to release the pass to Taylor once again who was able to dance his way around the corner and able to dot the ball down for his hattrick taking the score to 36-10.

Taylor secures his hatrick

Straight from the Kick-off Bish were off again when Catto was able to launch the ball high and back to the opposition, Peterson was off as soon as the ball left Catto’s boot. In doing so he was able to burn everyone else for pace. With a grubber ball on towards the dead ball zone where Ryan Moore was able to fall on top of the ball to round off the scoring for Bishopton 41-10.

Peterson was dominant on the counter attack

From here Bishopton started to take the foot off of the gas, with 10 minutes to go. From here Moffat where shown a yellow card and went down to 14 men. But even with the man disadvantage Moffat were able to take make a move on the Bishopton line and with seconds left on the clock were able to cross the line with the last play of the game. Taking the final score to 41-15.

With this result Bishopton made it three bonus point wins out of three and find themselves in 2nd place in the league on points difference. Due to scoring 2 tries and being solid in the scrum and line out Kyle Haldane was named Man of the Match. This coming Saturday sees the team start their season on the road with a trip to Lanark.

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Match Report – Lochaber at Home 09/09/17

Bishopton – 39

Tries; Ruari Taylor (2), Boab Moore, Kyle Haldane, Ryan Moore

Conversion; Max Catto (4)

Penalty; Max Catto (2)

Lochaber – 12


Having managed to secure a demanding 51 -12 victory over Hyndland on the opening weekend of the season the Bishopton first XV were in high spirits at training in the run up to their match with Lochaber for the second matchday round. As this match would be key in the fight for who would be taking an early command of the top of the league with Lochaber currently sitting top having romped to the top the previous week with a commanding 59-0 triumph over Moffat.

As the kick off approached there were some minor changes to be made to the Bishopton starting line up with Club Captain Bruce Abernethy dropping from the starting line up to the bench as he had not been able to shake an injury that had kept him out the previous week. A reshuffle of the pack meant that Kyle Haldane moved forward into the Second Row and Ryan Moore came in at Flanker. The duty of captain for the day reverted to Back Row Harry Seymour who lead the team last week for the first time in a memorable victory and he was wanting to keep his 100% record as a winning Captain. With the coin toss completed the first kick of the ball was decided with Lochaber to receive from the Bish.

Max Catto stepped up to get the game started, sending the ball to the heavens allowing his back row and wingers to head off on the hunt of the Lochaber player that stepped up to take the ball. With the Bishopton players hungry for the ball the Lochaber player went to deck and the penalty was quickly awarded to Bish for the ball not being released. Bishopton opted early on to test the Lochaber scrum, and like last week they were dominant – pushing the Lochaber pack back several meters before Seymour opted to pick and go from No. 8. With the ball quickly going into the centres you could see that the Bish were here to play the running game.

Multiple strong phases followed before Lochaber were able to absorb the pressure and were awarded a penalty kicked to touch for the line out managing to hit halfway. After securing their own line out Lochaber were able to play a bit of rugby themselves racking up several phases and working their way into the Bish 22 with some well-cut lines. However, they were not making much progress past the 22 until a well-placed chip over the bishopton line came and from this they were able to win the scrum. Once again, their scrum was no match for that of the Bish as they were driven off the ball once again and the now Bish ball was launched up the pitch by Catto at Stand Off. Unfortunately, the kick was caught clean and Lochaber were on the counter straight off the back off it working the ball across there midfield very quickly and being able to draw the penalty in the Bish half as the tackler was not releasing. Again, they chose to go for the lineout that had worked so well before. From the lineout they managed to spin the ball wide and after hitting a couple of rucks one of which was right on the try line, the brave Lochaber player that arrived at the back played the dummy pass off the ruck and then launched himself over the top to score the first points of the day. The difficult conversion attempt was pulled across the face of the posts. 0-5 to Lochaber.

Taylor Diving over for his first try of the season

Bish are not a team that are willing to sit back and take a knock against them, as was seen last week and this week was no different as they were able to retrieve the cleverly disguised kick by Max Catto that quickly bobbled over the 10. From here Bish went on the march towards the posts, once inside the 22 the penalty that had been coming for some phases was awarded by the referee. Catto stepped up and composed as always when the tee is in front of him – slotting the kick straight through the up rights. The Bish were back in the hunt. 3-5 Lochaber.

The battle of back and forth rugby soon began with the score so close and with his kicking game on point Catto was able to find holes in the Lochaber back field and was exploiting this with deep kicks there when under pressure, pushing the opposition back and having to realign in order to counter the new-found possession. With their strong runners Lochaber were more than capable of being able to do this and in doing so were able to gain some strong territory back up the field. Before gaining a scrum inside their own 22. At this point Lochaber knew that they are not going to be able to stand up to the Bish scrum and they work it in and out very quickly as they started to be pushed back. Although this tactic had worked at previous scrums it was shown that in quick ball play you need to be aware of your direct surroundings… as the Lochaber Scrum Half spun the ball out to his Stand Off Bishopton Scrum Half Ruari Taylor – returning after missing last week’s opener – was sitting in wait and channelling his inner Artful Dodger being quick of the mark and delicately intercepting the valuable ball from between the Lochaber Half Backs. Having anticipated that they were on the move forward the Lochaber players could not but stand and watch as Taylor sprinted in before diving between the posts for the 5 points. With Catto adding the extras Bishopton took the lead at 10-5.

Chris Lee crashing into the Lochaber defense

Now Bishopton were starting to move through the gears changing the pace of the game as they saw fit. It wasn’t long before Lock Kyle Haldane thought that he was in for his maiden try. Ryan Moore operating on the Back Row was shipped the ball and was able to show the Lochaber defence just how effective a light-footed back row can be. With several sidesteps and hand offs gaining himself a good 10 meters before popping the ball to Haldane who was on his shoulder to slide over the line only for the Referee to dcide the ball had gone forward.

After several Lochaber scrums on their own 5-meter line Bishopton were able to push one over and take back control of the ball, after working it out to the backs who were being denied by the Lochaber defence the heavy artillery was called. In the form of the forwards. And the structure of attacking rugby here by the forwards was devastating. The first crash ball 5 meters out coming from Back Row Chris Lee, being stopped mere feet from the try line that he was able to cross from the same position last week. The 2nd round of fire came in the form of the larger Second Row Haldane again Lochaber were able to stop inches short for his first try yet once again it was seeming that today was not going to be the day for him. Having seen off two huge crashes so far, the Lochaber line would have not wanted to have seen Prop Boab Moore receive the ball from 7 meters out. Having seen him coming 5 men exploded off the line to stop him but were not able to as he got his body low and drove over to open his account for the year. The kick from Catto was not to be as the post had its say in swatting it away. 15-5 Bishopton.

Moving towards the end of the half there was again a lot of rugby being played with highballs being put into space and the teams trading territory. But the final score of the half came in the form of a penalty to Bishopton being right in front of the posts Catto took the 3. Giving Bish a Half Time lead of 18-5.

Taylor catching the Lochaber defense off guard once again

For Bishopton the Second half started very strongly. With Chris Lee rolling back the years and showing the younger forwards how to play. As he received the ball from the kick off and was off up the field with his support in tow. After making the best part of 40 meters the Lochaber defence were finally able to bring him down, giving away the scrum in the process by entering from the side. Once again Ruari Taylor showed just how the Artful Dodger was so artful, but rather than picking a Lochaber pocket this time he was showing off his skills of misdirection. By looking to throw the long pass out to the backs before taking advantage of the mismatch on the blindside and cantering in for his second try of the day again from about 20 meters. Catto added the extras. 25-5 Bishopton.

Catto was a figure of defense for Bishopton making two try saving interceptions

Lochaber started to put the pressure on Bish after that last try as they made their way up to the Bishopton 22 where they threatened for some time coming close where it not for Centre Ruaridh Catto being in the right place to intercept the last pass and get bishopton back on the attack. This resulted in a period of play where Bishopton went from wing to wing with their rugby building phase after phase. The key break through coming via Lock Alex Neil who popped up on the wing and blew through 15 meters before the pass to the backs was knocked on. Lochaber again under pressure in the scrum were forced into a quick kick that went directly into touch from here Bishopton took the lineout that was overthrown into the hands of Ryan Moore who again made ground by going around players rather than through them making his way to the 5m line. Where Bishopton would spend the next few minutes driving from the back of the rucks. From here the almost man of the day Kyle Haldane was able to get over the white wash for his first try for the club in what was a well-deserved effort. Catto added the extra two from right infront of the post once more. 32-5 Bishopton.

Haldane touching down for his maiden try

Having gained the bonus point Bishopton started to look to the bench and brought on a flurry of replacements in the form of Fullback Peter Rainey, Lock Patrick McReynolds and Club Captain Bruce Abernethy. All of whom made instant impacts with McReynolds receiving the Kick Off and taking the ball for a walk and putting in several hits before the end of the game. Rainey’s duty of keeping the defence tight at the back was clinical as he was able to cover several high balls and returning one which he followed up to meet his opposite number in a crunching tackle that could be heard from the opposite side of the pitch.


Bish having gotten back into within 10 meters of the Lochaber try line once again were looking to build the score up. Receiving the penalty, the quick tap was opted for Prop Alistair Doak, getting to with inches of his first of the season the ball was popped up to Ryan Moore was able to find his most important gap in the defense of the day giving him the try. Catto made the conversion once more. 39-5 Bishopton.

Moore making one of his many blistering runs befitting of being named Man of the Match

Moving into the last 5 minutes Lochaber seemed to be a different team as they refused to make the return journey home with only 5 points and they went in desperate search of the try line. And they were rewarded in doing so with a little bit of luck. Having knocked the ball on in a tackle Bish had the put in for the scrum that managed to poke its way out the opposite side. With the Lochaber flanker quickest to react and to kick on only for no one in the Bishopton ranks to be able to get onto it. One of the Lochaber backs was able to pounce and get the touch down.

But they were not finished here as they were revigorated at receiving the restart and hit straight back once more. Stretching the Bish defence. With the referee giving the shout for last play, Lochaber made the break for the corner having managed to work the 3 on 2 overlap. Once again Ruaridh Catto was the man to thank as he made yet another try saving interception, he was able to drop the ball to his boot in order to get enough on to it to see it out of the pitch and bring an end to the game.

With the game coming to its end Bishopton were able to walk off the field with their heads held high knowing that they would be going to the top of the table. Having had a strong game in scoring a try for himself and creating the space from his tireless breaks that allowed other tries to be created Ryan Moore was awarded the Man of the Match for his efforts.

Bishopton now move their sights to Moffat RFC next week who they will once again host at Holmpark bringing a close to the 3 match home streak that they have had before seeing themselves go on the road.



League Opener Hyndland at Home 02/09/2017

Bishopton – 51

Tries; Kevin Maybury, Jonny Catto (3), Max Catto, Chris Lees, Matthew Wallace

Conversion; Max Catto (5)

Penalty; Max Catto (2)

Hyndland – 12


The first league game of the season finally arrived for Bishopton where we hosted Hyndland at Holmpark, and the time to put everything that the team had been working on into practice with the squad selected we were ready to go.

The game started on a sour note for Bishopton, within the first four minutes rampaging No.8 Scott Baird pulled up when on one of his trademark brakes – as the team was starting to settle into the match with some crisp passing once receiving the ball he started to stretch his legs managing to pop the ball off as he went down his afternoon was unfortunately ended.

For the first 20 minutes both teams were sizing each other up, and it was Hyndland who made the first strike after making their way up to the Bishopton 5-meter line and winning a scrum. With some quick moves off the back of the scrum a hole in the defence was found, giving them the lead at 0-7.
Straight from the kick off Bishopton were able to build some momentum up towards the Hyndland 22 soon after trying to find a way through the defence a penalty was awarded, Captain Harry Seymour opted to take the points and Max Catto stepped up and slotted from the 22m line 3-7.


Receiving the ball back from the restart Bishopton went on the march once again gaining territory as they went, after some strong carrying from the forwards the ball was recycled to the back of the ruck and a strong pick and go by Hooker Fraser Williamson moving the ball forward to within 10 meters of the line. At which point the ball was moved towards the backs and the ball was seamlessly moved along the back line before making it to Fullback Kevin Maybury who touched down to score his first try for the club on his first league start, Max Catto’s conversion attempt passed wide of the post 8-7.

Again, straight from the kick-off Bishopton looked dangerous, with winger Ross McGowan collecting the ball from the air he then managed to channel his inner Nijinsky by seeing off 3 chasing defenders with text book spinning side steps. After leaving the three players in his wake he took to the boot and launched a huge cross field kick that was knocked on by Hyndland. The Resulting scrum was something to behold as the Hyndland pack was pushed back on its self and looked like they were not going to be getting up any time soon. After taking control and pushing over the second scrum Hyndland gave away another penalty and the decision to kick the points from right in front of the posts was taken with Max Catto making the score at Half Time 11-7 to Bishopton.

The Second half started rampantly for the Bishopton team continuing as they had left the first half, receiving the ball and started to build the phases towards the try line, Max Catto released the ball to his brother Jonny who was able find a gap in the defence and stride through it. Max then added the extras 18-7.

From the restart, the ball was secured once more and the forwards took the game to Hyndland by rumbling through several phases of play and once again reaching the half way line. From here Scrum Half Rob Wallace delivered the ball to Max Catto who managed to fend off two opposition players before he found the line that took him to the corner dotting down for the points. Unfortunately, the conversion from the wing fell short 23-7.

Bishopton then went through a period of frustration twice getting over the try line but in both instances the scores were not awarded by the official. The first was the result of a strong team effort with both the Backs and the Forwards linking up. In a move that had all three Catto brothers involved before Ruaridh popped the ball of to Lock Alex Neil who was able to dive over the line only for the referee to pull the play back for a Hyndland scrum.

Hyndland tried to run the ball out of their own half only for the ball to be turned over by Seymour, from the turnover the ball was played out to Lock Kyle Haldane who made a drive for the line with the ball going back to Hyndland. With the ball in possession Hyndland cleared their lines resulting in a Bish line out just inside the 22m with the line out throw being tipped back and going loose Back Row Ryan Moore was able to gather and danced his way through both teams in the line out before making a sprint down 5-meter channel before putting a foot out of bounds before he touched the ball down for the attempted try.

With the ball coming back for yet another line out Bish were able to steal the Hyndland put in and ship the ball back towards the posts with the ball being brought within 5 meters were Flanker Chris Lees picked and went from the back of the ruck that was formed and bullied his way through three defenders in order to get over the line and open his account for the season. The conversion by Catto took the score to 30-7.

From here on out the flood gates were opened with quick rugby gaining three quick fire tries.
The first of which was taken from a scrum set piece with some back and forth passes between the half backs before being popped up to Centre Jonny Catto to run in his second try of the day 37-7 Being right in front of post the conversion by younger brother Max was made.

The most loudly received and talked (Mainly by the scorer himself) about try of the day try of the day came next when Veteran Front Row Matthew Wallace came on, on the pitch for only twenty seconds zipped through to receive the ball from a tackle 1 meter from the try line. At the age of 52 being able to grab a try on the opening day of the season is no mean feat. However, Matthew will be kicking himself that the try had not come one game earlier at the tail end of last season as that would have kept a very impressive record alive up until last season Matthew had scored for 32 consecutive seasons since he started playing Senior rugby. This would have made it 34 had he been able to cross the whitewash last year! Once again Catto added the extra 2, 44-7

The final Bishopton score of the day again came from a quick return from the restart, with the pack again gaining the hard yards up the pitch for Back Row Ryan Moore once again getting the ball in hand and going on a mazy run around a tired Hyndland defence before offloading to Jonny Catto the man that seemed to be everywhere in the match crossed again to grab his hattrick for the day. and a solid kicking display was rounded off by Max. 51-7

The last play of the game came from Hyndland where they were able to recover their restart and push forward. After some nice passing moves from Hyndland there were able to take advantage of a lapse of concentration from the Bishopton defence and get over the try line. Making the final score 51-12. After a strong performance and in oginising the plays and running the game not to mention picking up a try and making 7/9 kicks from the tee Man of the Match went to Max Catto.

A strong performance all round from the team that they will look to carry on to next week where they meet Lochaber in what will be a top of the table clash! Okay so its only the second game of the season by the table doesnt lie does it? It should make to be a good match for sure so make your plans to come on down HERE 

Pictures courtesy of Siân Neil and Al Goold Photo

Preseason Friendly V Carrick 2nd XV

Carrick 2nd XV – 0

Bishopton – 42

Tries; Scott Baird (2), Stephen Hogan (2), Ross McGowan, Ruari Taylor

Conversions;Max Catto (2), Ruari Taylor (4)

The first XV took their final trip of preseason down to Maybole to face Carrick’s 2nd XV’s in what was set to be a very close match. With the team arriving in plenty of time the boys all got out onto the pitch and got their warm up under way.

Soon enough kick-off came around and the Bish were given the honour of getting the game underway. Stand-off Max Catto, launched a high ball up into the air with perfect placement just before the 22, the Carrick winger stepped up to secure the ball and it slipped through his grasp and was knocked on, a sign of things to come. Bish looked strong in the scrum pushing Carrick further back than the 1.5 meters that rules allow. Bishopton then broke in to some well worked manoeuvres and put a lot of pressure on Carrick’s defence. The breakthrough came on 10 minutes when Max Catto spotted some space in the back field and chipped over the defence and gathered the bouncing ball up in his stride, taken into a ruck on the 5m. Ever the opportunist No. 8 Scott Baird arrived at the back of the ruck and crashed through the Carrick defence to go over for the first try of the day! The extras were added by Max Catto.



From here the rugby began to flow. With a chip and chase from centre Stephen Hogan reaching the 5m before it was knocked on by a Carrick player resulting in a scrum. With quick ball, off of the scrum Stephen Hogan collected and found a gap in the defence to dart through, again Max added the extras taking the score to 0-14. After receiving the restart back Winger Ross McGowan collected the ball on the 22 and started to open his legs into a gallop up the park, after and exchange of passes with Ruaridh Catto before being tackled as he went over the line to be held up.

With a commanding lead and half time approaching Bishopton start to look to the play book and throw the ball about putting into practice the set pieces that have been worked on over the summer. At this time Max Catto came off the pitch with a head knock from a collision with brother Jonny Catto when both went to take the same man resulting in another knock on from Carrick. From the resulting scrum, the ball made it out to the wing and worked its way back to the centres for Hogan to wall over for his second try of the day. At this point Ruari Taylor took over the duties from the tee and added the extras to move Bishopton to 0-21.

Again, the rugby started to open up again and the front row were getting involved in taking advantage with a Carrick defence that was starting to tire, as Prop Boab Moore was able to find a gap to canter through before being taken down on the 5m to pop the ball up to McGowan to go over again only for the Referee to once again judge that the ball was held up by the 2 men that were able to catch him as he went over.
HT 0-21

At the start of the second half McGowan was able to strike lucky out on the wing as he danced his way past his opposite number before piling over the line to get his well-deserved try. In the Build-up, however Captain Bruce Abernethy took a bad knock to the knee and followed Max Catto to the bench.

Quick off the restart the ball was recycled and the ball was passed back and forth before Baird spotted the gap that let him dove over the whitewash for his 2nd of the day. With his effort to cross the line once again Baird hobbled off the pitch with a niggle to his calf, with his departure the Bish were down to 14 men.

Down to 14 Bish showed their temperament to keep hold of the ball and stay dominant over the full-strength Carrick. In moving the ball about bishopton were able to once again stretch the Carrick line with the front row combining to carry and tip off to one another before releasing to Scrum half Ruari Taylor to run in from about 15m, he then added the extras to take it to 0-42 to the Bish and to round off the scoring in what was a very exciting game.

New Head Coach

We are delighted to announce that our new Head coach for Season 2017-18 will be Robbie Stewart, assisted by Franklin Clark.
Robbie Stewart is a Level 3 qualified coach with playing experience with Kilmarnock and Irvine in National League rugby. Robbie has coached at Kilmarnock, Cambuslang and Hillhead and is very much looking forward to getting started with the challenge at Bishopton.

Franklin Clark, has playing experience with Kilmarnock and Clarkston/GHA in National League rugby. He is a Level 2 qualified coach with particular expertise in set piece and forward play. Like Robbie he is keen to make a big impact at Bishopton and is eager to getting started with pre-season training.

We look forward to formally welcoming both to Pre Season training on Tuesday 11th of July at 7.15pm.

All existing players, see you all at Holmpark Tuesday.

Anyone looking for a new club, to return to the game or just looking to try rugby are welcome to come along. We hope to welcome you to The Bish!

This season promises to be an very exciting one for Bishopton RFC and we hope to see you all at Holmpark soon.


2016 -2017 Season

As another season comes to a close here at Bishopton Rugby we take time to reflect what has come to pass over the course of the season.

There have been many key milestones particularly from within the youth section of the club that we hope will continue to expand next season.

As for the Seniors next season is one to look forward to with a new coach due to come in and also a new league structure to look forward to competing in.

With next season being looked forward to and lots of activities to be under take over the summer months (Some Pre-Pre-Season touch rugby anyone?) We take a look back on what the club achieved in the last year.


Bishopton Rugby Club are seeking a new Head Coach for the coming season. We have a young First XV and we are looking for someone to help develop their consistency and skills within a positive team spirit.

We have a strong community club ethos, with a thriving and constantly expanding junior Section. We are also supporting our local High School, to become a School of Rugby. With the housing development of a further 3,500 homes being built in the village over the coming years, we are working within the community to ensure a new 21st century Sports and leisure facility is built, with a 3G World Rugby pitch at its heart. There clearly is a lot of potential in Bishopton and we are looking for someone to help maximise this over the coming years.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lead our Senior Rugby coaching team
  • Develop the skills of the players
  • Attract and recruit new players
  • Develop a high performance team by running challenging, active and effective coaching sessions.
  • Liaise with partners and schools to strengthen links
  • Undertake coach development with other club coaches
  • Be present at all coaching sessions and games
  • Attend coaching/committee meetings
  • Ensure there is a consistent approach to player management and selection
  • Communicate with all male players regarding selection, arrangements for matches, training schedules, etc.


Candidate Requirements

  • Applicants should hold IRB Rugby Right plus UKCC Level 2 Qualification.
  • Candidates, currently working towards Level 2 will be considered.
  • Show commitment, drive and ambition which will command respect within the club.
  • We will consider both experienced coaches and players looking to move into a Player/Coaching role with a proven playing track record.

The position is a voluntary role, however reasonable expenses will be considered by the Management committee.

If you are interested in this role call Andy Jackson for a preliminary discussion on 07894906967 or email your rugby CV to

The closing date for applications is Friday 30th June 2017.

Week – 7th Nov – 13th Nov. 16


scotland v Argentina

Murrayfield – Sat 19th Nov K.O. 5:00pm – Bus Layed On
email: – to book tickets + bus


Bishopton 1st XV v Loch Lomond (home)

Holmpark – Sat 12th Nov K.O. 2:00pm


Holmpark – Mon. 7th Nov. 16

U16 – 6pm

Holmpark – Tue. 8th nov. 16

Midi – 6pm
Senior – 6:30pm

Holmpark – Thu. 10th nov. 16

U16 – 6:30pm
Senior – 6:30pm

Holmpark – Sun. 13th nov. 16

Midi – 10am
Micro – 11am
Mini – 12pm

Week – 31st Oct – 6th Nov. 16


scotland v Argentina

Murrayfield – Sat 19th Nov K.O. 5:00pm – Bus Layed On
email: – to book tickets + bus


Bishopton 1st XV v Strathaven (home)

Holmpark – Sat 5th Nov K.O. 2:00pm


HOLMPARK – MON. 31ST oct. 16

U16 – 6pm

Holmpark – Tue. 1st nov. 16

Midi – 6pm
Senior – 6:30pm

Holmpark – Thu. 3rd nov. 16

U16 – 6:30pm
Senior – 6:30pm

Holmpark – Sun. 6th nov. 16

Midi – 10am
Micro – 11am
Mini – 12pm