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Match Report- Isle of Mull RFC v Bishopton RFC 28/04/18

   Isle of Mull – 15


Bishopton – 45



Tries; Harry Seymour, Ruari Taylor, Alex Neil (2), Boab Moore, Stephen Hogan (2)

Conversion; Max Catto (5)



As the bus pulled out of Bishopton to take the team to Mull for the last away day of the season there was an air of tension amongst the squad.  With several players having picked up injuries in recent weeks and other not being available for selection the squad was in many ways depleted from the regular 30 active bodies down to the legal 21 that are allowed to be named. This was on top of the knowledge that gaining a single point would seal promotion for the club and see them playing in West 2.



On Arrival on Mull and getting through the warm up the team were looking up for the challenge that lay before them.  However, the game didn’t get of to the desired start as Catto’s kick-off didn’t get through the 10-meter line and it gave Mull the advantage of the scrum to get the game under way. This was quickly quashed as Bish soon got the ball back and moved fast and quickly up the pitch, quickly getting within 10-meters off the line. The constant pressure being put on the Mull defence soon built up as a penalty was awarder to Bish, the quick tap and crash was taken and Mull still stood strong. But then Bish started the spread the ball through their back line quickly moving across the pitch allowing for Seymour to burst onto the ball at pace and hit the perfect gap in the Mull line for the Clubs Player of the Year to slide in to open the scoring – Catto stepped up to slot the conversion and push Bish into a 0-7 lead.


Seymour slides in to open the scoring.


Mull however hit back straight from the restart with their Flyhalf being able to slip through the Bish defence and taking advantage of the last man in the line slipping on some loose ground. Allowing the Mull man to run in the try, the conversion was pushed wide leaving Bish with the advantage. 5-7.

But Bish were quick to take notes on Mulls restart and were able to turn the ball back over on Mulls first attack. With Scrum- Half Taylor picking the ball and going from inside his own half, shaking off several defenders before he was able to break away and get in for his 19th try of the season moving him to 99 points the real question being would the Young Player of the Year get into the 100 club for the season. Catto again slotted the conversion to take Bish to a 5-14 lead.

Taylor dots down.

There was soon a change in the dynamic of the game as a switch to uncontested scrums due to an injury to one of Mulls front row. But it soon played dividends to Bishopton as they were able to take advantage of the solid base to build off. With the forwards able to make a quick release from the scrum they were able to reach the next break down in huge numbers, this lead to Most Improved Player of the Year Alex Neil was able to get over the line with several of the other forwards behind him. Again, Catto added the extras. The score sitting at 5-21 to Bishopton one more score was needed to gain the bonus point.


Things soon took another bad turn for the hosts as after a series of penalties they received a yellow card for a very high tackle inches before the try line.  This lead to a tap penalty 5 meters out from the line.  Taylor took the tap and shovelled it to Neil who looked to be in for his second of the day but the Mull defence stood strong. They could not through for the second attempt however, as Bob Moore picked the ball up from the back of the ruck and bullied his way through 3 defenders to get himself and the ball over the goal line. This gave Bishopton the Bonus point and more importantly the single point that was needed to see them secure 2nd place in the league an promotion for next season. Catto lined up his conversion attempt and was unlucky to find the crossbar, 5-26 to Bishopton.


Moore scores the promotion sealing try with the bonus point.


Mull were quick to take advantage of Bishopton celebrations as they recovered the ball from the kick-off and they were able to stride through several large gaps in the bishopton defence. With no one being near the attacking player the Bish would need to sharpen up if they were to see out the game as the winners of the match. The conversion was pushed wide cutting the deficit to 10-26.  This soon lead to half time with bishopton looking to regather their composure and come out in the second half to secure the victory.

The second half started with a bustling run from Seymour gaining a huge amount of territory before Catto was able to add even more with the penalty coming. Off the back of the line out returning substitute Stephen Hogan was able to take advantage by blowing through the gap in the line to touch down for a try on his return. Catto again added the conversion, 10-33. Straight from the kickoff though there was a sense of Deja-vu as Bish won the ball back it was again passed to Hogan who was able to glide through the Mull defence for his 2nd of the game Catto again made the kick, 10-40 Bishopton.


Hogan takes his 2nd try in as many minutes.


Neil flies over the line to double his tally for the game and season.

Bishopton were again on the attack from the off with several phases of moves being put into play. But it was the dominant second row Neil that got the decisive bit of the ball as he collected 10 meters out and was able to cut another line that he has become well know for this season. With this he sealed his 4th try of the year and 2nd of the game, by launching himself over the line. Catto’s conversion was caught in the wind and pulled wide leaving the score at 10-45. From here it was Mull that would see out the end of the game however as they took advantage of a jubilant Bishopton side and they were able to play some nice rugby in the closing minutes. As they worked their way closer to the line their patience and persistence paid off as they were able to work round the side of a ruck and pounce over to pull five points back 15-45. They were not done there as they straight from the restart were able to go on the hunt once more as the clock went red and Bishopton were given some fortune in that the ball went loose and into the dead ball area allowing fullback Peter Rainey to touch the ball down and the referee blowing for full time.



This gave Bishopton the bonus point victory and caped off a fine display with Captain and Team Player of the Year Bruce Abernethy picking up his 4th Man of the Match of the season and pushing him to the top of that table with one game left to play against the University Medics on the 12th of May.


Club President Greame Adam congratulates Captain Abernethy on Man of the Match and Promotion


As a final note we would like to give a huge thanks to Mull for hosing us on for the game and the after-match hospitality on a very long day out. Also a huge thanks for transporting our entire team and traveling support back to the ferry terminal after the game allowing us to make the boat off the island.

There may also have been a little bit of a party on the ferry home….



Match Report-Bishopton RFC v Lanark RFC 13/01/18

  Bishopton – 50


 Lanark – 7


Tries; Ruari Taylor (3), Scott Baird, Ross McGowan, Kyle Haldane, Ruaridh Catto, Max Catto

Conversion; Max Catto (5)


After kicking off 2018 with a commanding win away to a strong Moffat team, this week saw a return to action at Holmpark where the Bish were hosting Lanark in the return fixture from September where Bishopton were looking to repeat the feat of a 0-45 victory.

This week some Changes to the team either forced by injury, the bench filling out again with the return of players from the physio room and those being available for their first run out of the year.

With the rain making its presence known before the game it was clear that the conditions facing the players were going to be tough and that the wide spread running game might have been difficult to procced with. And the first half was a reflection of this, where in there was a lot of ball lost in possession by both teams and scrapping on the ground to gain it back in the opening minutes. The game then settled into a rhythm as the players acclimatised to the conditions.

Bishopton soon started the march towards the Lanark try line gaining meters through close contact carrying. They soon gained the penalty 10 meters out in front of the post. Scrum Half Ruari

Taylor dives in for his first of the day

Taylor was quick to the referee’s mark before the Lanark defence were able to regroup and was able to sprint under the post for his 15th try of the season. Catto fired the conversion over the posts taking him to 125 points for the season. 7-0 Bishopton.

Bishopton were soon back up in the danger zone after working their way up the pitch with several strong scrums and being able to dominate the lineout. With both Alex Neil and Kyle Haldane becoming pests for the opposition through out the match with the number of steals that they were able to make come time for Lanark to put the ball back into play. Bishopton’s 2nd try of the day came from just such a scenario.

Taylor touches down for number 2

When Haldane was able to clear up the Lanark overthrow and ship the ball out to be taken into contact. And once again Taylor was at the back of the ruck shouting commands to his backline and made the move to go out wide only for the Lanark defence to come up quickly allowing him to dart in on their mistake, and once again getting between the sticks. Catto once again fired the 2 points in. 14-0 Bishopton.

Lanark came back into the game at this point and seemed to have a wake-up call. As they went on to put the pressure right back in on Bishopton for the remainder of the first half going close to gaining a try back. But the Bishopton defence stood strong and made the half time whistle but they were given some work to think about. At half time there were changes made to bring back into the fold some of the returning players were brought back into the fold.

The seconds half started off with Lanark loosing two players to injury, and reducing their playing numbers on the pitch allowing Bishopton the space to become a bit more creative with their loose play. This first score of the half came in the form of a scrum on the halfway line and a chance for the returning Scott Baird to get his first taste of rugby in 2018.

Baird was on the rampage

He opted to pick and go. The No.8 went straight into rampage mode that he had been in on his last outing at the start of December against Hyndland. He was able to shake off three men on his way to the try line but he looked to be caught, as the Lanark man was able to wrap his legs but his momentum carried him over. Catto crisply sent the ball over the posts to secure the 3rd conversion of the day. 21-0 Bishopton.

With in moments of the restart. Centre Stephen Hogan had got his hands on the ball in the 22 and sent the ball into the open Lanark back field with the ball taking a favourable bounce and leaving the defender wrong footed. But Ross McGowan the other returning player on at half time had judged coming off Hogan’s shoulder to perfection and was able to take advantage. Even had the ball not fooled the defender McGowan was the favourite to get his foot on it as he had made the ground up in an impressive sprint and was able to kick the ball towards the try line and outstrip his opposite man before launching himself onto the loose ball for the try. The wide conversion didn’t quite make it this time. 26-0 and the bonus point secured.

Smiles all round as McGowan (Centre Right) secures the Bonus Point

At this point the flood gates started to open as Lanark started to feel the effect of loosing two men and Bishopton were able to return the restart and took to camping in the opposition 22. Here

Haldane’s solid shift in the back row rewarded with a try

Bish were able to gain a scrum on the 5m line. Baird took from the back but slipped a quick reversal back into Haldane who was able to take a man over the line with him. This brought him back into the try scorers having started the season prolifically. Catto added the  extras to take the game to 33-0.

Again, from the restart Bish looked into the creative part of their game and started to throw the ball about in the backs and give the forward some well earned time off. As the ball was worked around the midfield that was now Catto

Ruaridh Catto slides in for the try

, Seymour, Catto. With the ball moving between the three and Seymour adding some flair with a ball caught behind his back before popping it back into the older of the two Catto brothers, as Ruaridh was able to slide into the corner for the try. Max’s conversion fell short of the posts. 38-0.

Bish soon after won the penalty inside their own half and Taylor took the tap and shipped it to Max Catto, who not looking to be out done by his older brother threw the dummy pass and pinned his ears back at the halfway line and made the break. Though it looked tight for Catto the younger as the Lanark players started to close in on him and he was forced wide of the posts before sliding into record the score. The conversion short, score now 43-0.

Max Catto rounds out a fine display

Lanark though seemed to find a second wind after seeing Catto taken close to the bone and they were able to recover the restart and force Bishopton back towards their try line and looked to be on the verge of pulling a consolation try out, the fight back was on. Though it was not to be as the ball was knocked forward in a tackle and spilled into the dead ball zone and quick thinking as ever, Taylor tapped for the 22 drop out and was off. With only the referee seeming to know exactly what had happened as he reached the 22 and took to the grubber and collecting it before being able to go the length of the pitch to round out his hat-trick for the day. Catto added the 2 to close out Bishopton’s account for the day. 50-0.

Taylor celebrates running in for his Hat-trick

Though Lanark were adamant not to go home empty handed. As they once again retook procession of the ball and marched back up the field and were able to force Bishopton into putting the ball out for a line out. From here they were able to secure and send to very strong phases after the ball the later resulting in them crashing though the Bishopton defensive barrier. A strong desire from the visitors not to leave Holmpark paid off and they were able to add the extras seconds from the final whistle. Bringing the final score in at 50-7. Another strong Bishopton result.

Allma Constructions Man of the Match could have gone to a number of men on the field, but ultimately it went to Taylor who once again drove the team around the pitch and lead the charge.

Taylor was Allma Construction Man of the Match

With some fortune, the results elsewhere and a deduction of points for the Medics showing on the SRU Website had The Bish leap back to the top of the table by two points. Meaning that the team have to keep destiny firmly in their own grasp with the Medics due to visit the fortress that is Holmpark in two weeks’ time. However, before that there is the challenging matter of a trip to the Isle of Mull to come next Saturday 20th January and we are looking to take a full squad up to the Isle and as many supports as possible for the 2pm kick-off.

Match Report – Moffat RFC v Bishopton RFC 06/01/2018

            Moffat   – 10


Bishopton – 32


Tries; Sandy Glassford, Ryan Moore, Harry Seymour, Boab Moore, Ruari Taylor

Conversion; Max Catto (2)

Penalty;  Max Catto

After a well-earned Christmas break the First XV were looking to get back on the road and start the new year off with a victory the only obstacle standing in their way was an away trip down to a formidable Moffat team.
The early morning meet was a frosty occasion but the temperature was due to drop further as the location of the match was reached. But a quick bus trip supplied by our main sponsor Pride of the Clyde down the M74 soon had the team at the home of the Rams.

Seymour breaking the line

The team got off to a strong start retaining possession and gaining some early yards this was soon rewarded with a penalty and the option to kick for goal was take, but with a strong win coming into play the kick dropped sort of the posts and the tone of the kicking day was soon set from this moment. But with Moffat recovering the penalty quickly they wasted no time in returning it from to the Bish backline after the quick reactions of the missed penalty were followed up by the defensive Bishopton line. From this the Bish were able to reshape and kick on back up the field carefully building phases in order to find the weaknesses in the Rams defence. This was soon found by centre Harry Seymour who burst onto the ball at blistering pace and looked like he was going to be able to run the ball in himself, with just the fullback to contend with he spun the ball out to the returning Sandy Glassford who was able to dive into the corner at top speed to secure a first try of the season. The wide conversion attempt was no match for the wind that was sensing with kicks were due to be take all afternoon. The Bish moved in to a 0-5 lead.


Moffat looked to bounce back from loosing the opening score of the match and came out at the restart and were able to reclaim the ball straight from the off and then let their forwards start to take the hard yards. Building territory and moving there way forward. But it was to be sort lived as the knock on going into contact soon came and the scrum went to Bishopton. The chip over the top soon came and Bishopton were able to collect the ball with the blistering pace of newly converted Flanker Euan Keltie recovering the ball and presenting it back for scrum half Ruari Taylor. Who’s quick thinking came into play and he looked to spin the ball out to the back only for the Moffat defence to all follow the ball allowing him to nip found the side of the ruck and make a break for the try line. But Bishopton top try scorer would have to wait for his 14th try of the season would have to wait as he was tackled by the opposition Fullback but thank full the teams second top try scorer Hooker Ryan Moore was the first man on the scene and was able to gather the pop and make the final 5 meters to the line dotting down his 10th of the season. Catto’s Kick was once again gathered by the wind. 0-10 Bishopton.

Moore crossing to hit double figures for the season

Moffat once again came back out of the gates looking to restore some of the deficit and their efforts were not in vain as they were able to claim the penalty and slot it over bringing them back with a converted score. 3-10 Bishopton. But it was now the Bish’s turn to return fire and they did it in fine form with Seymour finding several more gaps in the Moffat defence with his solid running, after two hard runs his third off the back of a scrum proved fruitful as his line left no one near him and he was able to walk across the line and place it down under the posts allowing for Catto to have the easy kick – extending the teams lead to 3-17.

Moffat once again came out the blocks looking to pull something back and went to work once more gaining hard thought territory bullying towards the try line before getting to within 8 meters and winning a penalty. Taking the quick tap and go catching the Bish defence off guard with there forwards and crashing over to the side of the posts allowing the easy kick to pull the score back to 10-17. We then reached half time with the Bish nosing ahead by one score.

The bench were kept in suspense in some rather nippy weather

Bish came out to a blistering start in the second half managing to camp on the Moffat 5-meter line for much of the opening 10 minutes after Taylor was able to take advantage of a tap penalty and get the team up there before his being tackled. A series of scrums followed before a barrage of forwards blows onto the line with Keltie going close several times himself as well as setting up the platform in his rucking over to secure the ball. But it was Boab Moore who was finally the one to break the Moffat wall down as he piled over to score his 2nd try of the season. This try secured the bonus point for Bishopton and Catto once again fired home the extras at close range. 10-24 to the Bish.

Bish were soon back up to within 5 of the line and there were more several close calls to have the ball go down one of the more closely called being when Keltie received the ball and powered his way forward with the ball handing off at least two players before he was brought down shy of the line.

Keltie brushing players aside on his way to man of the Match

The ball looked to be turned over when Seymour came from deep in the midfield to clear out the Moffat props from the ruck and save the ball for Captain Bruce Abernethy to quick pick and go only to be stopped mere inches from the line. The backs then took advantage and whipped it wide to win the penalty that Catto was able to knock over extending the lead to 10-27.

The Day ended on a high note as Glassford made a trade mark burst off receiving the high kick in the back field and made post haste up the wing allowing winger Iain Kerr to cut inside and burst up the line into the 5 meters. The scrum was awarded to the Bish and the pack decided that 5 meters was not close enough and decided to walk over to less than a meter to the line, when Taylor keenly spotted a gap and threw himself towards it getting his own try for the day and extending his points total. Once again Catto was unfortunate to have a kick from the touch line into the wind and it drifted wide to finish the game 10-32 to the Bish securing them another Bonus Point win and keeping them in the hunt for the league title!

Catto had a personal battle with the wind

The Leaps and Bounds man of the match for the day was Euan Keltie who seems to have found his position with a very impressive performance at number 6 having switched from the wing.

Club President Greame Adam congratulates Keltie on his MotM performance

Next week sees a return to action at Holmpark when we host Lanark in the return leg of the fixture from earlier in the season where Bishopton kept a clean sheet in a 45-0 victory and will be looking for more of the same this time round.

Bishopton v Pitstop/School of Hard Knocks

Yesterday several players from our first team travelled to Ashfeild Speedway stadium in Possil to take on a Pitstops/School of Hard Knocks employability project side also coached by First XV Coach Robbie Stewart.  The players that were able to attend, teamed up with players from Glasgow Alphas in order to compete in a 7’s competition.

Players from Bishopton RFC, Pitstops. School of Hard Knocks and Glasgow Alphas

The competition came at the end of an 8-week course for the hosts many of whom had never touched a rugby ball before. The Hosts made the most of the games bring the competition to the sides that they were playing. With the final match of the day being contested between the Bishopton 7 and the Pitstops team with the Bish team edging ahead 5-3 for the win in a hard thought game showing the progress that they have made in the time they have been together.

We wish everyone involved in yesterday game the best for the rest of there season and hope that we will be able to support Pitstops/School of Hard Knocks in any of their future matches.

For Further information please follow the links here.

Match Report – Shawlands RFC v Bishopton RFC 04/11/2017

           Shawlands RFC  – 12


Bishopton – 21


Tries; Ruari Taylor, Ryan Moore

Conversion; Max Catto

Penalty;  Max Catto (3)

For the second time this season bishopton made the short trip to Cartha to play Shawlands, and the team were out looking for revenge after the disappointing defeat in the bowl that was suffered at the end of September.  Before the game started there were some last-minute changes to the line-up as long time absentee Sandy Glassford moved from the bench into Fullback, and Euan Hay came into mark his first start for the club in the Back Row. Also making their first starts for the club were Winger Iain Kerr and Prop Jack Burns. So, it would be a hard match for these players making their first starts.

Catto got the game under way with a well-placed kick and Shawlands were the first to make a mistake as they had a penalty given against them as they were not releasing the ball. Bish took full advantage of being near the posts and took the 3 points to nudge them ahead. 0-3 to Bish.

From the restart Bishopton again looked the stronger of the two teams gaining a lot of territory and going from touch line to touch line with the ball showing the wide range of passing that they have. However, after a large tackle was put in and losing the ball to Shawlands the ball was then knocked on as a huge hit was put in on the player resulting in a Bish scrum. The Bish scrum that was broken up all too frequently a month before hand was resolute in keeping its footing today however as they were able to push the opposition back several meters setting up a good platform for scrum half Ruari Taylor. Who was able to dart from the back of the scrum running in 15 meters to get his first score of the month as he continues an outstanding try scoring run.  Catto added the extras to make it 0-10 to the Bish.

It was from this strong position that things started to unravel for the Bish as Shawlands were able to win a penalty and kick their way up to the 5 and secure a line out, from the resulting line out they were able to maul over the whitewash and dot the ball down. 7-10


From here Bish would lose Scrum Half Taylor to an ankle injury that ended his afternoon after a strong start, due to this injury a reshuffle was on the cards as Glassford stepped in to take his place and the back three was reshuffled with Peterson going to Fullback and Maybury onto the wing.

With the team unsettled after an unexpected injury Shawlands were able to take advantage. Finding a gap on the wing allowing them to run in for the 5 points. The conversion was not to be however as the place kicker stopped midway through his approach allowing Glassford to charge the kick down.  Thus, limiting the lad that they now had to 2 points, 12-10 Shawlands.


The charge down was what bishopton needed to settle the nerves and put them back on the right path again as they when into a momentum of phase building and keeping the ball in possession. And it started to pay off as Ryan Moore was able to get his hands on the ball and went on to bore his way through the Shawlands defence, before he was able to bump and twist his way into the corner for the try! The Conversion attempt from the wing drifted across the posts and was not to be. 12-15 to Bish as the clock went red and half time was reached.


The second half was a hard though event with both teams refusing to let the other cross the line for the try – though on two occasions the Bish were held up by the Shawlands defence. With the advantage on one of these occasions and the dominance that they were showing Bish opted to take the points being in front of goal, knowing that they would be back down in this area later in the match and it was the smart move to keep the scoreboard ticking over. 12-18 to Bish.

Shawlands were able to gain their own penalty up the pitch but the kick into the wind that had picked up did not make the posts and was pushed back towards where it came from.  Soon after they were able to gain another penalty but the decision was reversed by the referee and the penalty was awarded to the Bish. Max stepped up at the halfway line and was able to launch the ball into the 5 to give Bishopton the line out. Bish win the knock on from the line out and gain the scrum and again are able to bully forward gaining the advantage in the process of crashing over the line but the Referee ruled that the ball was held up. Again, Bish took the penalty in front of the posts taking the score to 12-21 to Bish.


Before the match came to an end Shawlands would see a man sent to the bin after Stephen Hogan was able to make the intercept and charge up the pitch before he was tackled and brought down but his pop up was in vain when the Shawlands man took out Iain Kerr before he was able to take the pop pass. Bish were not able to take advantage of the extra man for the remainder of the match, but were after a period able to win a final penalty as the clock went red and knock the ball out to end the match.

Max Catto was awarded Man of the Match for a commanding performance at Stand-Off kicking for good territory and his goals.

Next week sees us take on the Isle of Mull before the international break comes into full swing for the rest of the months so we will be looking for a big victory to take us into December!

Unbeaten Bishopton named BT Club of the Month

We here at Bishopton are pleased to finally announce that we have been named Septembers BT club of the Month in winning the BT Club of the Month Bishopton are automatically placed into the running for BT Club of the Season at the end of the year.  To qualify for the award three categories are taken into account.

  • Performance: 1st XV playing record and other teams’ performances.
  • Discipline: Club discipline record in that month.
  • Development: Club activity in growing and developing the game.


To win, a club does not have to be the best in all three areas, but should show a successful balance, with potential for long-term growth. Bishopton has excelled in all of these areas in the month of September. As a club we have made strides in coaching, youth section and officiating as well as establishing a development XV.

Through September we enjoyed an unbeaten month in BT West League Division 3, recording a bonus point in every match, with results against some tough opposition having results against Hyndland, Lochaber, Moffat and Lanark.

A lot of this success has come down to the pool of players that the club has been able to pull the match day squad from, this pool has greatly increased due to two key reasons. The first being the increased presence on social media and recruiting new players this has over the last year broadened the area that we have started to attract players to our village and in turn these players have helped bring in others that have in some cases never played rugby before but due to determination and dedicated coaches have developed into 1stXV players.

The major factor that will keep our club developing in the long run is our youth section, as in the last year we have had 7 players that have played at our various youth levels make the step up to senior rugby in various positions and we are edging closer to our target of being able to field a starting XV of players that are purely graduates of our youth sections. To date this has seen Centre Ross McGowan, Scrum Half’s Rob Wallace and Ruari Taylor, Back Row Euan Hay, Lock Alex Neil and Props Tom Dalling and Jack Burns all starting or making a push for starting berths in the team.

Ross McGowan
Ruari Taylor
Euan Hay
Alex Neil
Tom Dalling
Jack Burns
Rob Wallace
















With so many players under the age of 21 breaking into the first team they are setting the marker for our very first U18 team that we have been able to field with many of these players taking part in the weekly summer touch rugby that we run with the seniors with many showing promise. And within that group of U18s we have had 2 players go on to represent West U16s last year and making the step up to U18s in Rory Jackson and Callum Brown. As well as current Bishopton U18 Captain Andrew Carey under taking his Referee training over the last year and in the month of September officiating his first game while also balancing training and playing on a Saturday.

Rory and Callum representing West U16s
The core of our U18 Te am
Andrew Carey






Due to the increased playing numbers many of whom have never played rugby before and the number of players that are making the jump to senior rugby this has meant that we have been able to field a development team for the first time.  With a view to having a regular 2ndXV next season to ensure that these players and a few older ones that still like to lace up their boots are playing on a regular basis rather than around the 1stXV fixtures and limiting them to limited time from the bench.None of this would be possible is it was not for the coaching system that we have in place at the club and the passion that they have to set aside on many cases 3 days a week to ensure that we are moving forward on the pitch as well as off it. From the minis right through to the senior team where every set of coaches are inspirational to the teams that they are coaching and can get the very best out of them come rain or shine.

The committee at this time would like to thank all those people that not just presently volunteer their time and efforts but those that have over the last 23 years of our club’s history have dedicated their time, effort, talents and most importantly the smiles that you have given to everyone else at the club while being involved with us in our goals. Also to all of the players… to the people that go out and put their bodies on the line to stop other teams crossing our try line. Over the years a lot of blood, sweat, tears and the odd broken bone have been put into Holmpark and we simply would not be where we are today without those past and present that pull the Bishopton jersey on.

Having secured the BT Club of the Month for September we now turn our attentions to the rest of the season and to continue on in the same fashion that we have started the season, as we are now in the hunt for Club of the Season. But most importantly…


We are Bishopton Rugby Club and we ARE going places!!

Match Report – Glasgow University Medics v Bishopton 07/10/2017

Glasgow university Medics – 44


Bishopton – 23


Tries; Scott Baird, Kyle Haldane, Alex Neil

Conversion; Max Catto

Penalty;  Max Catto (2)

This match saw the two teams that sat atop of the table on 20 points each meet for the first ever time, so far both teams had been able to secure 4 bonus point tries victories so it was one to keep an eye on across the division. And it wasn’t set to disappoint either.

The team sent out to was one that had been the mainstay so far with one change with debutant Kyle Pearson starting in the centre, with McGowan moving out to the wing where he has started on many an occasion before.

The Medics got the game under way, and were able to force and early penalty for offside. The medics opted to get the scoreboard ticking over early on and went for the posts. The kick sailed safely between the posts giving first blood to the medics.  They were back in the same position minutes later once again nodding to the posts again the kick was straight between the sticks taking them two penalties clear at 6-0. But Bishopton were not slow to start the attack from here gaining the territory into the Medics half and gaining a penalty of their own out wide, with Max Catto striking the sweet spot of the ball to half the deficit to 6-3.

From here the penalty count started to go against the Bish. After already seeing off several quick tap penalties the defence soon began to tire and the Medics were able to find an opening to sprint through. 13-3.  Minutes later the Medics were able to catch the midfield unaware allowing them to break the line and canter towards the try line. 20-3 to the Medics. From the restart he Medics dominated on gaining the ball back and it was after several phases on building towards the line that they were able to pop the ball off the back of a ruck towards the large Second Row who had built up some pace before reaching the defensive line and crashing through. 27-3.


From here the frustration was starting to kick in with the Bishopton team but they were able to bring the composure back to themselves and they were able to gain some possession and work towards the Medics try line. Getting to the line this time you could see that they were not going to waste any chance. So, when the penalty came, the kick for the corner was on. Securing the lineout was the first key component of the move that came off the top of the line out and was shipped to the forwards pod and taken to within 5m of the line. Scott Baird was the first man to the back of the ruck and had no other though in his head than to pick, go and reach for the try line and the Bish were over in the corner for their first score of the day! 27-8.

Bishopton started the second half with the wind at their back and it was a clear confidence boost at the beginning of the half. As they spent the first 10 minutes or so camped within 10 meters of the Medics try line receiving several free kicks and penalties taking the quick taps. At one point they thought that they had driven the maul over the line and got the ball down for the try, however the Referee was unable to confirm the grounding and brought it back for a Bish scrum on the 5. Unfortunately, the ball was then lost forward in the next phase and Medics were soon able to run the ball out however they then gave away a penalty when one of their players kicked the ball in the resulting ruck. Bishopton still having issues trying to break the Medics defence choose to take the 3 points as Catto stepped up once more to slot them. 27-11.

Bishopton then went about again playing the better rugby and but were unable to find that clinical edge that the Medics were. The Medics showed this once more when they were able to pick out an interception and run from their own half to touch down. 34-11. However, bishopton were not going to take this lightly as they once again were able to get back into the danger zone and were forcing the Medics into giving away penalties on the try line and before long the Referee was showing the Yellow reducing the Medics to 14 men. Bish managed to take advantage of the additional man as Lock Kyle Haldane was able to bully his way through the defence and dot down once again scoring his 5th try of the season.  The conversion sailed wide, 34-16 to the Medics.

The Medics then responded back with a quick-fire double and the firs saw the ball ripped from a bishopton player and quickly passed along the line to the wing where it was dotted down and the second was due to a gap in midfield being exploited and run in, taking the score to 44-16.

Bishopton refused to go quietly into the night, and with minutes remaining they started to look to get back up the pitch searching for two more tries so that they could come away with a try bonus at the very least. It was Lock Alex Neil who was able to spot the gap, having been dominant in the air at the line out he was first to the ball splayed out from the back of the ruck and the Medic taking him for a dummy runner as he had played several times in the game were not expecting the ball to go to him and he was able to flat foot the defence and stride in to open his account at senior level having not scored since junior rugby! This took the game to 44-23, Bishopton still had time to attempt for the 4th try, Building several phases back towards the try line once more. But it was not to be as the Medics were able to turn the ball over and knock it out to end the game.

A tough first League defeat against a very well organised Medics team, but Bishopton will look back on this result knowing that they could have been more resolute in defence and that they did not play to the standard that they had been at to this point.  The Bishopton Man of the Match went to Harry Seymour who was a pillar in defence putting in several large hits and seemed to be at every break down all over the park putting in a complete shift.



Bowl Match Report – Shawlands v Bishopton 30/09/2017

Shawlands – 39

Bishopton – 27

Tries; Scott Baird, Alistair Doak, Ruari Taylor

Conversion; Max Catto (3)

Penalty;  Max Catto (2)

Yellow Card; Alex Neil

Bishopton made the short trip out to Cartha in order to play Shawlands in the Bowl in their first foray into the competition this season. Bishopton looked confident before the game after the strong victory over Lanark the previous week, and getting to the ground in good time before the kick-off.

Bish got the match under way as they sent the ball into the Shawlands half. The home side started to take the ball to the Bish and began to build the phases Bish were however able to put a drive on at a ruck early on and push over to secure the scrum in their favour. Continuing to keep the pressure on Shawlands with some well-placed kicks into the back field. Bishopton soon secured a line out in the opposition half and were able to ship the ball to the opposite wing where they were able to build some phases before the referee called for the penalty to be given. Being in a good position the decision to go for the points was taken and Catto was able to nudge the visitors ahead 0-3.

Straight from the restart Shawlands came out on the attack gathering the high ball from their kick-off and moving to play some slick rugby off the back of the resulting ruck. Before being able to run the try in from out wide. 7-3 to the home side. Again, from the restart Shawlands looked dangerous once again and were able to secure the penalty in their own half and send it deep into the Bish territory for the line out. The resulting line out went wild and Bish opted for the scrum. But Shawlands were able to put their much larger pack to work and push the scrum back, allowing the Number 8 to pick from the back of the scrum and run the ball in under the posts. 14-3 to the home side.
Bishopton looked from the restart that they were starting to find their feet and began to take the game to the Shawlands defence but were unable to find that gap in the defence. After several phase Bish were once again able to win a penalty in front of the posts, Catto once again was able to cut the deficit 14-6.

Shawlands were clearly not going to sit down and take points being scored against them, as from the restart they were once again dominant in the air being able to chase the restart down and take it back, only to knock on in the offload. Bishopton looked to try to establish their scrum that has been a strong point for them in recent weeks, but once again the Shawlands pack were able to drive Bishopton back and secure the ball for themselves. From this position the Shawlands Number 8 was once again able to pick the ball up and work his way through the Bish midfield in order to score once again. 21-6 to Shawlands.

It was from this point that Bishopton started to make the changes in the pack in order to bring some stability to the scrum. But before another scrum was able to come about there was some more bad news for the Bishopton team, as Lock Alex Neil received his first yellow card of his career. When the referee deemed that he was deliberately killing the ball. But in the ten-minute period that he was off the pitch bishopton were able to stay resolute in defence and keep Shawlands in their own half.

On his return Bishopton looked as though they had started to settle themselves after the changes that had been made were settling into the match, and it was one of the early replacements that made the breakthrough for Bish in the form of Scott Baird – who started on the bench due to having been out for the past few weeks with injury. As he was able to receive the ball on a 4th phase off of a line out and bully his way through the Shawlands defensive line. The conversion brought an end to the half 21-13.

It was Shawlands who came out strongest in the second half as they were able to push the Back in their own half before managing to steal the ball once more and with two very slick passes were able to exploit an overlap on the wing and cross once more, taking the score to 28-13. It was almost a quick fire double as well from the restart as the Shawlands winger was able to break away and find himself placing the ball down for the try only for the touch judge to raise his flag to say that the player had indeed been put of play and the referee brought the play back for a line out. This put some wind back into the Bish sails as they were able to go on the march up the pitch from here and after receiving a number of penalties. It was Prop Alistair Dock who was able to take advantage of this and from a close-range ruck was able to plough his way over the line for the try. 28-20.

From here Shawlands were able to gain two penalties in front of the post to take the score to 34-20 and soon after they were able to work their way back into the Bish 22 and gain a scrum which had been a strong point for them all afternoon and once again they were able to push the Bish pack back several meters before picking from the back and getting over the whitewash to take the score to 39-20.

With minutes left to go Bish were able to work back into the Shawlands half gaining the territory the hard way. And were able to secure two penalties, the first was for the tackler not releasing at the ruck and the second for not being 10 meters. It was the second one that Scrum Half Ruari Taylor was able to take advantage from as he was able to glide past the Shawlands defence who were not quick enough to react to the quick tap. Once past the first two players he had a clear run to the posts to touch the ball down. 39-27.

As bishopton started to chase in the final minutes and into the clock turning red but once again the referee awarded the penalty to Shawlands who opted to take the tap and kick to touch to end the game. As a tough game for the team there were some bright spots where they were playing the better rugby on the pitch but were unfortunate when it came to small handling errors and decisions going against them in the loose. But from these the Bishopton Man of the Match was returning Number 8 Scott Baird who on return from injury was able to come on mid game and carry the hard meters when required.

A tough lost for Bishopton as they were knocked out of the Bowl competition, but they now look forward to a return to league action next week, where the Glasgow University Medics await them in what will be a top of the league clash and a match that could prove very important come the end of the season!

Match Report – Lanark v Bishopton 23/09/2017

Lanark – 0

Bishopton – 45

Tries; Ruari Taylor (2), Ruaridh Catto, Ross McGowan, Kyle Haldane, Alistair Doak, Iain Kerr

Conversion; Max Catto (5)

Penalty;  –

Bishopton were looking to keep their winning form on the road and make it 4 wins from 4 games and all that was between them and this feat was a short trip to Lanark. This week again there were some slight changes to the team that won against Moffat with people not being able to make the away trip.

Bishopton started on the back foot after starting the match by putting the ball into Lanark’s half were required to soak up some pressure in their own half before being able to gain some ground back before Lanark were able to regain the ball. Sending the ball high towards the back of the Bish end of the pitch, where Fullback Peter Rainey was waiting and was able to collect the ball seamlessly and move straight to the attack. Making his way from 22 to 22 and finding gaps in the Lanark defence before being brought down in the 22. Where he was able to get the pass off to Ruari Taylor who was hot on his heels and was able to run in with the ball to score the try. The extras were added making it 0-7 to the visiting Bish team.

Following the restart Bish were able to gain the scrum advantage just inside the Lanark half, once again Scrum Half Taylor was in sniper mode as he was able to collect the ball from the back of the scrum and get around the blind side and work himself halfway up the wing before being pushed out the pitch. From the resulting lineout Bish were able to steal the Lanark put in that was wayward and ship the ball to the opposite wing upon reaching the other side the ball reached Ross McGowan who made the dart for the corner. Leaping for the line and touching the ball down, once up to celebrate the referee give the decision for no try and pulled the play back to the other side of the pitch for an advantage that he had given at the original line out. Bish choose to retake the lineout that had been working so well for them. In a matter of two passes from the lineout the ball was met by Ruaridh Catto who was able power through the defence by picking a clean line to run at and being able to slide in for the Try. Unfortunate the kick was not to be and this left Bish 0-12.

From the restart Bish were off to the races again, quickly picking up the scrum on the 10m. From the scrum Bish were quickly put on the back foot by the much larger Lanark pack. Taylor was able to quickly pull the ball out and set off only to stumble from his heel being caught but managed to stay on his feet. In doing so he was able to start off towards the try line and was able to dance his way around the entire Lanark midfield before walking under the post for the try. Catto converted and took the score to 0-19.

For the remaining 15 minutes of the first half Lanark were looking like a team that had found their place in the match. Forcing Bish back into their own half with some well-placed kicks and being quick up on the ball in order to stop the territory being retaken. Form there they were building phase after phase but the Bish defence was resolute and determined not to let anything through. After being pushed back some the Lanark midfield looked to have spotted a gap in the back and attempted to chip over the top only for Taylor to be there and take the mark. From the tap the ball was kicked out for half time.

Bishopton came out the gates furiously in the second half after spending the time before the break with their backs against t the wall. Taking the ball on a flurry of attacks down the right wing before running out of room, at which point the traffic was pointed in the opposite direction and went through the hands where McGowan was waiting in the centre. This time there was no doubt about his try as after he was able to hand off his opposite number the path was clear for him to side under the posts for the bonus try. Catto was able to add the extras. 0-26.

From the Kick, off a stroke of bad luck hit bishopton as Centre Ruaridh Catto set off once again on what looked like it could have been another drive for the try line only for him to be cut down. And taking an unfortunate landing on his shoulder only for it to result in a suspected dislocation and a trip to the hospital. Off the back of this Bish received a freekick and the tap was taken quickly, and went through two sets of hands before reaching Lock Kyle Haldane who was able to find a large gap and stride over for the try. Catto added the conversion and this took the score to 0-33.
Once more from the restart bishopton were straight back into Lanark territory picking up scrums as they went. Eventually winning themselves a penalty just outside of the 5m. where once again the option to take the quick tap by Taylor and offload to Prop Alistair Doak who Crashed over from close range to open his account for the season. But due to going over on the cusp of the pitch the conversion attempt was just too far out for Catto to successfully slot. 0-38.

From here on out Bishopton went to the bench to bring on the fresh legs to stretch the tired Lanark defence. With the change though came a period of settling in that Lanark look to take advantage of this. They were able to push bishopton back onto their own try line, and it was Ryan Moore who came to the rescue as he latched on to a loose ball at the ruck and was able to fend off two players before making it to safety and being able to pop the ball of too debutant Winger Iain Kerr. Who was able to turn on the after burner and make some good distance before a Lanark defender came across the pitch and was able to push him out of play.

From the resulting line, out Bish were again pushed deep by a long defensive kick that was caught by club Vice Captain Stephen Hogan who was making his first appearance of the season, having only gotten off the plane from Thailand 3 hours before hand. However, he showed no signs of jet lad as he was able to make it to within 5m of the half way line and sucked in two defenders before being able to offload the ball to Kerr who had already shown that he has pace to go the length. Which is exactly what he did on receiving the ball, kicking in the after burners he was able to reach the 22 before it looked like he would be stopped by a Lanark defender. Kerr though had other ideas as he went through him as though he wasn’t even there, before sprinting to the line and touching down to give himself a 1 from 1 record. The conversion was sunk taking the score to 0-45.

Bishopton did not seem to be done here though as last week’s debutant Prop Jack Burns made the break through the middle of the pitch towards the post but was stopped the recycled pass out to McGowan on the wing was caught awkwardly against his knee but with Spiderman like grip he was able to recover it and dot it down once more! Alas the referee blew as he placed it safely down and indicated that the pass had been forward. The resulting scrum was passed back and kicked to touch to close the game by Lanark rather than risk more points being added to the tally that Bishopton had managed to run up so far.

The Man of the Match on the day was someone that could have taken it in either of his two previous games in Scrum Half Ruari Taylor, by taking his Try tally to 7 in three games and again being the man with the quickest reactions on the park to read the game.

This win took Bishopton back to the top of the league and siting themselves on top with a healthy point scored difference of 20 by being able to keep a clean sheet in the match. Next up we have a break away from the league when we will be taking on Shawlands in the Bowl competition on the 30/09/17 away from home at Cartha Rugby Club.

Match Report – Bishopton v Moffat 16/09/2017

Bishopton – 41

Tries; Ruari Taylor (3), Kyle Haldane (2), Ali Peterson, Ryan Moore

Conversion; Max Catto (3)

Penalty;  –

Moffat – 15

Bishopton were looking to keep the winning run alive as they came into this match having won two from two in the run up to the game against Moffat. Stating a team that was not far from different from that against the win over Lochaber with Prop Chris Dunn and Captain and Lock Bruce Abernethy coming in from the start.

Catto slots his first conversion of the day

Bishopton got the game under way and instantly started to put pressure on the Moffat, after holding off Moffat’s scrum on the halfway line Bish were able to withstand the early pressure and win the ball back. Having worked back into the opposition 22 with a long kick to the backs and forcing a knock on. From the resulting scrum Bish where able to take early advantage of a sleeping Moffat defence, building from a stable scrum. Scrum half Ruari Taylor was able pick the ball from the bottom of the scrum and spun into action and was able to avoid the entire Moffat defence and dash over the line to open the scoring. This left an easy conversion from straight in front of the post that Catto was able to convert. 7-0 to Bish.

Haldane crosses the line for his first try of the day

Bishopton reacted strongly from the Moffat restart with Fullback Ali Peterson collecting the high ball and running it back up the pitch making ground back into the opposition half. Upon Moffat regaining the ball within their 5 and kicking to touch with the resulting Bish lineout going squint resulting in a Moffat scrum. From the scrum, there was some clear miscommunication between the half back pairing, as the pass from the back of the scrum went straight to touch. Moffat were then able to gain back some composure in order to work back some territory of their own, gaining the scrum on their own 10-meter line. From the resulting scrum Bish were able to go against the head and steal the ball with the balls making its way out to the Bish midfield where Ruaridh Catto picked up the ball and made a strong carry bustling his way up the pitch.  A strong tackle brought Catto to the deck but with strong support runs from Taylor and Kyle Haldane meant that the options were available, the first went to Taylor who in turn was able to pop to Haldane who was able to dive over the whitewash in order to put Bish further ahead. Again, the extras were added – 14-0 to Bishopton.

From the kick-off Moffat were able to gather some momentum and territory as they were able to gain a penalty in front of the post opting to kick the points and make some ground back on the scoreboard 14-3.

Upon regaining the ball from the kick-off both Moffat and Bish took part in an exchange of possession for a period of time before any further threats to either try line was made. But when it was it was Bishopton who once again made the threat in what was the most curious attack to watch of the day.  The high ball was put in to the Bishopton backs where Fullback Peterson was able to collect the ball and make the distance back up the pitch before looking to run out of space on the wing he put the chip in over the top, but it looked to be an unfortunate chip as it came off the Moffat player. But in a stroke of luck it came back into Petersons hands and he was able to pass the ball to Haldane who once again was running the support line just where it needed to be. Allowing him to walk in for his second try of the afternoon. The conversion went wide 19-3.

Before the second half came to a close Bishopton had one trick left up their sleeve as Hooker Fraser Williamson was able to quick wittedly judge the Moffat line out and make the interception between the jumper and Scrum Half. Taking the ball into contact Scrum Half Taylor once again picked from the back of the scrum and threw the dummy pass before once again working his way to the Try line. With this fantastic try started by Williamson Bishopton were able to secure the try bonus point. Making the score 26-3 and halftime was reached.

Moore rampaging with the ball in hand

The 2nd half started strong for Bish as Prop Boab Moore received the ball went full rampaging bull as he was able to shrug defenders off left, right and centre before finally being brought to deck. From the resulting ruck Chris Lee was looking to run the dummy line and received the ball, with the resulting ruck the ball was played through all the hand in the back-reaching Ali Peterson to cross the line in the corner to take the score to 31-3.

Moffat then went on the counter from the restart and made the charge on the Bishopton try line, where they were able to find a mismatch in the defence being able to send a prop up against a halfback and piling over for the score making it 31-10.

Bishopton started to build the phases up and work towards the Moffat try line once again, in a series of phases where the pressure was being put on and being 5 m out the penalty was given to bishopton. The quick tap was opted for by Catto who was able to release the pass to Taylor once again who was able to dance his way around the corner and able to dot the ball down for his hattrick taking the score to 36-10.

Taylor secures his hatrick

Straight from the Kick-off Bish were off again when Catto was able to launch the ball high and back to the opposition, Peterson was off as soon as the ball left Catto’s boot. In doing so he was able to burn everyone else for pace. With a grubber ball on towards the dead ball zone where Ryan Moore was able to fall on top of the ball to round off the scoring for Bishopton 41-10.

Peterson was dominant on the counter attack

From here Bishopton started to take the foot off of the gas, with 10 minutes to go. From here Moffat where shown a yellow card and went down to 14 men. But even with the man disadvantage Moffat were able to take make a move on the Bishopton line and with seconds left on the clock were able to cross the line with the last play of the game. Taking the final score to 41-15.

With this result Bishopton made it three bonus point wins out of three and find themselves in 2nd place in the league on points difference. Due to scoring 2 tries and being solid in the scrum and line out Kyle Haldane was named Man of the Match. This coming Saturday sees the team start their season on the road with a trip to Lanark.